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Whether you have years of experience with international financial transactions or have never been involved in this area before and need advice, we are here to help. We can handle the whole process for and on behalf of you, or simply give you the right information in order for you to manage transactions effectively.

Letters of credit are the most secure means of getting paid in international trade transactions and are often the most complex. A letter of credit guarantees payments for goods shipped provided you meet all its conditions.


Letters of Credit Documentation

Did you know that up to 65% of documents are rejected upon first presentation? Getting paid depends entirely on your ability to present shipping documents which strictly meets the terms and conditions of the credit. Get these documents wrong, and you may face delays in payment, or worse you simply do not get paid.

Trade Finance

How do you finance the transaction? If your supplier requires cash in advance or a letter of credit in their favour, have you the finance or the bank facilities to conclude the transaction? With our partners, we are able to provide you with a back to back letter of credit using our own facility.

Fastshare Express Logistics can simply take the hassle away and solve these problems for you. With our experience in financial activities and specialising in letters of credit, we will provide you with a format to ensure that you get a workable letter of credit.

We advise you of any amendments that may be necessary if the buyer fails to comply, prepare all shipping documents, and present documents on your behalf.

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