Dangerous Goods Freight

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Are you looking for an experienced and reputable freight forwarder to handle your dangerous goods? Do you need tailored services to meet your or your customer’s unique requirements?

We pack and transport all classes of dangerous goods, including radioactive materials.

Packing Dangerous Goods - our services

Whether it’s by air, sea, or road – we can ship dangerous goods of all classes according to appropriate international regulations. Our solutions are designed to transport your cargo securely, safely, and compliantly. We pack and transport the following:


Benefits of our dangerous goods services

Shipping dangerous goods internationally can be complicated. Given the nature of the cargo and subsequent, applicable international regulations, you can feel at ease that we have the experience and competencies to manage your DG shipment safely and successfully from start to finish, whether by sea, air, or road.

Dangerous Goods Freight

We can offer dangerous goods freight according to appropriate international regulations. Our offices and facilities are centrally situated for international dangerous goods freight, and our experienced and dedicated team has designed solutions ideal for transporting your dangerous cargo safely, whilst meeting international compliance laws. Our strategic locations also offers generous warehousing facilities, meaning we’re best placed to handle all your dangerous goods freight.


There are specific requirements that come with dangerous goods logistics. For example, packaging may need to be UN specification, dangerous goods must be appropriately marked, labelled and appropriately handled. You can trust us to meet all the requirements needed when shipping dangerous goods.


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Ask our team of global logistics experts for information, pricing, and advice about shipping your dangerous goods to and from almost anywhere in the world. Feel rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands when it comes to safety, compliance, and regulations.

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