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Are you looking for a comprehensive freight export packing service? Do you need an experienced packing team to ensure your goods are suitably packed and protected? At Fastshare Express Logistics, we pack all types of goods; from the smallest of items to heavy plant and machinery.

Our Freight Packing Services

When you choose us for your freight export packing services, you are choosing a dedicated team who truly care about keeping your cargo safe and protected. Based , we are ideally placed for on-site and offsite packing with our central position. We can also advise on the best materials and level of packing required to ensure the utmost protection for your cargo. Our freight packing services include:


ISPM15 approved case and pallet supplies


Export packing on-site or around the world


Protective case linings


Foam protection


Package indicators (tilt/shock/humidity)


BS1133 Compliant


Moisture protection


Dangerous goods packing


Export Packing

Offering export packing means that we are perfectly situated for both on and offsite packing. At our locations, we have an experienced packing team dedicated to ensuring that your cargo is properly protected. The location also offers generous warehousing facilities, so we’re best placed to handle all of your export packing needs.

Export packing examples


Packaging solutions

We utilise a wide range of specialist packing applications to ensure that your goods are fully protected. Our packing team will select the most effective packing solution to protect against impact, moisture and other risks, which can include one or more of the following options:

  • Foil barrier bag with desiccant
  • Protective case lining, of various materials and specifications
  • Foam protection
  • Package indicators (tilt / shock / humidity)
We also offer a specialist packing service for exhibitions, including re-useable packaging.

Benefits of our freight export packing services

Our experienced packing team assess the requirement of each and every one of your shipments, ensuring that your goods are packed and protected to the highest standards.

Our years of experience make us best placed for considering the specific nature of the goods, their final destination, and transit requirements. Plus, we are centrally located and approved to produce internationally accepted heat-treated wooden packaging.


How We Can Help

Ask our team of global logistics experts for any information, pricing and advice about your export packing needs. Feel assured that you’re in the safest of hands when you choose us to pack your goods.

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