Special Freight Projects

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When you need an experienced, trustworthy freight forwarder to handle your large, complex, and/or high-value cargo, look to us. No project is too big for our specialist freight team.

Air cargo

Large scale and exceptional loads present real logistical challenges that require special skills and expertise. Whether you’re in the power generation industry, mining, or oil and gas, and whether your cargo is temperature-controlled, hazardous, or radioactive – we have the resources and expertise to help you move almost anything to almost anywhere in the world. Regardless of its size or weight, if you need your project cargo transported via air, we have the right expertise and resources to handle it.

Sea cargo

When shipping your project cargo by sea, we can devise expert planning and the careful handling of any complex loading and unloading. We have years of experience shipping project cargo around the world via sea and can advise on the best-suited logistics solution. When dealing with this specialist type of cargo, you need to be able to trust that your freight forwarder can do the job, and do it well without a hitch.


Special Freight Projects

Running specialist freight projects makes us perfectly situated for easy use of multiple seaports and airports across the world, all with access to our global network of carriers. Our teams are dedicated and experienced with air, sea and road freight, and our location offers generous warehousing facilities, meaning we’re best placed to handle all your special freight projects. No project is too big for our specialist freight team!

Benefits of our special project logistics

At Fastshare Express Logistics, with our years of special logistics project expertise, We have a global network of resources so no project is too big for us. We make sure you have complete visibility and control when it comes to the status of your project, via our special projects team.

How We Can Help

Contact our team of experts and let’s discuss your project and requirements. We can give you advice, pricing and answer any questions about your cargo. Feel rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands when it comes to the logistics of your special project.

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